Cost of Living

Cost of Living
This index compares the relative cost of living in different locations. Using the United States as the base location (i.e. a value of 100), an index value of 120 means that the cost of living in that particular community is 20 percent higher than in the base location; a value of 94 indicates a more affordable location.
Location Cost of Living Index
City of Benicia 150
City of Walnut Creek 171
City of San Ramon 200
City of Vacaville 130
City of Dublin 170
City of Martinez 150
City of Napa 159
Source: Sperling's Best Places, (as of March 2012). The total of all cost of living categories is weighted as follows: 30% housing, 15% groceries, 10% transportation, 6% utilities, 7% health care, and 32% miscellaneous (clothing, services, entertainment); state and local taxes are not included.