Business Resource Incentive Program

Suba Manufacturing

Suba Manufacturing received a $9,300 grant to invest in energy/cost-saving office and factory lighting. 

Connie Walker of Ponder Environmental, at the 2015 Eco Awards, talks about her exprience with BRIP. 

Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiency

The Business Resource Incentive Program* provides resource management analysis and reimbursement for Benicia Industrial Park businesses and property owners. Recommendations are customized to the unique operating environment of each business. Examples of approved projects:

  • Modifications to air compressor to reduce operating cost of 50 industrial machines ($10,000 city grant, $35,000 PG&E financing)

  • Office and factory lighting to reduce energy use and costs ($9,300 grant)

  • New factory lighting and roof-mounted solar PV system ($10,000 City Grant at $38,450)

How it Works

Businesses can apply to have a professionally prepared Business Resource Management Analysis, including recommendations and cost estimates, provided at NO COST. This analysis includes:

  • energy efficiency and opportunities for renewable energy generation.

  • water efficiency (exterior and interior)

  • solid waste and recycling

  • transportation and fuel usage

  • procurement practices


Businesses participating in the Business Resource Management Analysis are eligible to apply for a grant and/or a no- or low-interest loan to implement the recommended improvements identified in the analysis, based upon the following parameters:

Electrical use reduction projects -

  • $10,000 grant - City reimbursement of costs upon completion of approved improvements.

  • 0% Loan of up to $50,000 for 80% of approved costs.

Projects that reduce natural gas, water, fuel, and waste use or include combine heat options -

  • $20,000 grant - City reimbursement of costs upon completion of approved improvements.

  • 0% Loan of up to $50,000 for 80% of approved costs.

Management and Employee Training

Participating businesses and their employees can attend sustainability workshops to learn “best practices” for efficient use of resources and share tips with each other.

Tracking and Measuring Results

Participating businesses have access to GreenTraks, a web-based tracking system that measures energy, water, recycling, and fuel use to assist in managing resource improvements. The set-up and annual fee for GreenTraks is covered by the City for  one year. 

How to Participate

The program is available to Benicia Industrial Park (BIP) businesses and property owners. BIP is the economic engine of the City of Benicia, producing 84% of all local tax revenue (including sales, property and utility user).

Contact City of Benicia Office of Economic Development for an application. City staff will review the application. Upon approval, City staff will assign a pre-selected qualified consultant to conduct the Business Management and Resource Analysis. Following the analysis, City staff will work with the business on implementing and financing the recommendations.

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Business Resource Incentive Program brochure 

*The innovative Business Resource Incentive Program is funded by Benicia Valero Refinery and the Good Neighbor Steering Committee and is sponsored by the City of Benicia Community Sustainability Commission.