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Association / Organization Description
(603) 658-0340
Global resource network for small business
California Chamber of Commerce
(916) 444-6670
Grow California fosters jobs and wealth creation by connecting innovative entrepreneurs, growth companies and market leaders with capital, talent, academia, customers, and partners
California Small Business Association
(310) 642-0838
Expert helpline available to members, insurance and retirement plans, business advocacy in state and federal government
(619) 258-3670
The Connectory® Network is a nationwide, Web-Based Buyer-Supplier Network that provides: a unique way to connect with companies and other assets by understanding their capabilities. It is a powerful means for government, large company, and institutional buyers to identify sources of products, services, technologies, capabilities, and capacities. It provides detailed capabilities and capacities for companies at every level of the supply chain. It focuses on manufacturing/technology companies and their supplier chain including wholesalers/logistics, technical services, construction, agribusiness, and mining and showcases tens of thousands of US companies at NO COST. Business networking and job recruitment website
MANEX: The Corporation for Manufacturing Excellence
(925) 807-5100
Manex provides a broad array of proven advisory and implementation solutions exclusively to manufacturers, distributors, and their supply chains. Manex delivers high-impact solutions in four key areas - strategy, people, process and performance - to help companies quickly achieve cost efficiencies and increased profits.
Ryze Business Networking
  • Business networking and job recruitment website
  • Members get a free networking-oriented home page and can send messages to other members
  • Special Networks related to industry, interests or location
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