Industrial Park and Port

Benicia Industrial Park is the largest port-oriented industrial park in Northern California. It is also Solano County's largest industrial park, with over 3,000 acres of land and 7 million square feet of built space.

Location. Located near the junction of I-680 and I-780, Benicia Industrial Park (BIP) provides easy access to most of the San Francisco Bay Area. It is directly across the bridge from Contra Costa and East Bay markets. The deep-water port, on the Carquinez Strait, is 24 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge, providing worldwide access.

Character. Benicia Industrial Park is home to over 450 businesses and 6,500 employees. Its diverse anchors include Valero Refinery, Dunlop Manufacturing, BioRad Laboratories and Schoenstein & Co. Pipe Organs, the oldest and most successful pipe organ manufacturer in the Western United States.

The Port of Benicia, operated by AMPORTS, encompasses 640 acres and 140,000 square feet of buildings. The Port’s 2,400 foot deep-water pier can berth three vessels, with a dockside water depth of 38 feet. Rail service is provided by Union Pacific. The Port specializes in handling bulk products such as agricultural goods and motor vehicles.

Watch the Benicia Industrial Park videos to hear what local businesses have to say.

Good Fits. There is a strong and stable mix of businesses in Benicia Industrial Park, large and small. Anchor businesses, such as Valero, draw supplier companies. The City of Benicia has recently taken steps to promote clean tech development in the industrial park, including an annual clean tech forum.

Improvements and Distinguishing Features. The City Council invested three quarters of a million dollars to help fund a broadband installation project in the Industrial Park during the adoption of the City budget in June 2012. In that same year the City approved a $625,000 grant & loan program designed to provide needed capital for industrial business to retrofit or improve existing equipment and/or buildings with energy efficient devices.

Commercial Properties. The BIP has approximately 1.3 million square feet vacant and available. Benicia industrial space is competitively priced, particularly given the City's strategic location for distribution and low crime rates. Smaller industrial spaces lease for between $0.50 and $0.90 per square foot per month, depending on the facility; larger (15,000 square feet and up) space lease rates start around $0.40 per square foot.

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Benicia Industrial Park Association (BIPA)
Works with businesses at the industrial park, new businesses coming in, and with the City to ensure the quality of the park is maintained to attract new users

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