Benicia Innovator: Aquatic Environments

Aquatic Environments, the state's largest professional lake and water feature management company, fits a unique space restoring lakes & reservoirs, constructing marine and civil infrastructure projects, and performing shallow water dredging.  

The company also services a wide network of fountains, ponds, flood control channels, canals, and wetland mitigation sites. Like many other industries, lake and waterway maintenance is moving away from chemical treatments to natural and biological means to improve the health of our waters. The company provides services to a wide range of clients including state agencies, oil refineries, vineyards, and homeowner association lagoons.

Projects include removal of invasive water hyacinth from the Delta waterways.  Hyacinth interferes with navigation, crowds out native plants, and impacts fish populations.  More locally, Aquatics has recently completed a shoreline restoration at the Tannery Building in downtown Benicia and excavated the channel for the Benicia Bridge wetland mitigation site (photo). 

Fun Fact About Aquatic Environments

Days of hard work in wetlands appears to pay off in Spartan races and Tough Mudders.  Employees are sponsored for these and other competitive events as part of Aquatic Environments "can do" culture.