Benicia Stalwart: Benicia Fabrication & Machine, Inc.


One of the oldest businesses in the Benicia Industrial Park, Benicia Fabrication and Machine (BFM) has been an important part of our local economy for more than 3 decades. BFM specializes in the repair, maintenance and new construction of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and miscellaneous industrial equipment for the petroleum, chemical and power generating industries. BFM is known worldwide for their ability to customize a project from design through construction to meet the functional requirements of their customers. 

The location of BFM enhances its ability to ship its custom products to customers worldwide. The delivery sites of the products fabricated at BFM covers a wide berth from the North Coast to the West of the Mississippi and as unique a location as Kazakhstan!

The Benicia location and our dedicated and talented employees enable us to respond to our core petrochemical customers to keep their production running smoothly.

BFM has designed and fabricated vessels of various sizes and materials, ranging to sixteen feet in diameter, two hundred feet long and weighing up to one hundred tons. Products that meet this maximum range take special handling during fabrication and delivery. It's a site to see.

BFM is able to respond to the time-sensitive constraints of their customers because of the 100 highly skilled and dedicated employees. Many of the employees have been with BFM for two decades or more and truly understand the unique and critical needs of their customers.