Police Department's New Alarm Registration Program

Police Department Implements New Security Alarm Registration Program to Improve Community Safety

Effective December 4, 2017, the Benicia Police Department will begin implementing a new security alarm registration program designed to improve the allocation of scarce public safety resources. 

Each year, Benicia Police Officers respond to approximately 1,500 false alarm calls, making this the Department’s most frequent call for service. The Police Department dispatches two officers per call, for safety reasons, which takes officers away from addressing important community safety issues. 

The goal of the new security alarm registration program is to significantly reduce false alarm calls in the City and encourage responsible security alarm ownership. 

The City has contracted with CryWolf, a company specializing in city security alarm programs, to manage the Benicia Police Department Security Alarm Program. Alarm owners who subscribe to alarm monitoring companies will be receiving letters directly notifying them about the program. 

The annual registration fee is $25 and there is a $100 fine for unregistered alarms. Once registered, the first false alarm is free; subsequent false alarms have the following fines: $100 fine for the first false alarm, $200 for the second, and $300 for the third and subsequent ones. 

In the past, residents and businesses were given three free false alarm calls each year. With the new fine schedule, everyone with an alarm system is required to register and will be allowed one free false alarm call per year. The increased penalties are designed to reduce the need for police officers to respond to false alarms. 

The program fees and fines are explained in more detail below: 

Alarm Fees Alarm - Registration           $25.00             NON REGISTERED

1st False Alarm (calendar year)              $0                    $100.00 

2nd False Alarm (calendar year)            $100.00            $200.00 

3rd False Alarm (calendar year)             $200.00           $300.00  

4th False Alarm + (calendar year)          $300.00           $300.00

Response to Non-Registered Alarms (Plus the false alarm fine)   $100.00 per Alarm 

Late fee for over 30 days:                      10% invoice     10% invoice 


Residents and business owners can visit www.crywolfservices.com/beniciaca/ for more information and register their alarms. Residents can call the Police Department Monday through Thursday from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. at (707) 746-4242 if they have questions regarding the program.