Benicial Annual Report

Restaurants, industrial activity, visitor attraction, and cannabis are a few of the year-end highlights covered in the 2018-19 annual report released by the City of Benicia Office of Economic Development.

Get the Benicia Annual Report  here .

Get the Benicia Annual Report here.

Mario Giuliani, Economic Development Manager, introduced the annual report to Benicia City Council members at an economic development work session on August 27.

The 8-page report celebrates retail and industrial activity in the city, as well as accomplishments by the City on behalf of the business community. Two local businesses are featured: Yandell Truckaway, Inc., a 74-year-old 3PL company that will soon be testing Tesla trucks, and Mar Bay Gardens, a startup aiming to become Benicia’s first cannabis permitted company.

The recent uptick in restaurant and entertainment activity downtown is also noted, along with some of the businesses operating in Benicia Industrial Park who were recently contacted during community “Business Walks.”

Get the Benicia Annual Report here…